Welcome to A Life, Nourished!


  1. to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition
  2. to keep (a feeling or belief) in one’s mind, typically for a long time

What does it mean to be nourished? Before a couple of years ago, I never really thought about that question. I mean, I paid attention in health class in school, and I read headlines as they were released about the vitamin/mineral/miracle substance of the day by the media. I knew low-fat was best, right? Because that’s what I’d always been taught. Diet soda was no big deal. I took my vitamin every morning, ate what I thought to be healthy, exercised, and that was that. I would have never considered that so many of the ‘healthy’ foods I was eating were anything but. And I had never really stopped to consider there is so much more to living a nourished life than just the food I put in my body. I was so, so wrong.

A little over a year ago, my husband, Craig, decided he needed to take control of his health. He had been a three sport high school athlete in the small town he grew up in and grew up in great shape. But over time he started working more, life got busier and he gained weight and stopped working out as much. He tried several times to lose the weight, and he was successful, but nothing ever stuck…until last summer. This time he decided he wanted to try Crossfit, and he fell in love. But then he came home one day after a workout with a question….

Can we try eating Paleo?

I vaguely remembered hearing the term Paleo, but I really didn’t know what it entailed. Being new to the world of Crossfit, I also had no idea those two things can go hand-in-hand. So, off to Google I went. Woah. This was going to be a drastic change, but he really wanted to do it. Being a self-described foodie and always up for a challenge, I agreed. I started reading and researching, and well, I fell down the rabbit hole. Anyone who knows me will tell you that when I get interested in something, I sort of become obsessed. I basically took myself to Internet school, and along the way I discovered my passion.

I guess you could say I have been nourishing the idea for this blog for quite a while. As Craig lost weight (now 45 lbs), friends started asking us questions. They wanted to know what we were doing. Or, sometimes, they laughed and told me they thought we are crazy. At least a couple of times a week someone approaches me wanting advice….or suggesting they would like to hear more about what we are doing and that I should start a blog. ME? I don’t have a nutrition degree. I am a former elementary teacher with a psychology degree who currently stays home with our three kids. All I know is what has worked for my family. And yes, this is a family affair. The changes we have made in our lives have been nothing short of miraculous. Although Craig is the one who’s lost weight, the rest of us have experienced awesome ‘non-scale victories’ of our own, and we keep learning what it means to be truly nourished, inside and out.

I didn’t just start this blog today. Craig and I also started something today called The Whole 30 along with a couple of friends. Curious about Paleo? Please follow along for the next 30 days and hopefully I will share something that can help you, too, live  A Life, Nourished.



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