Whole 30 Recap Week #2

Meals 9-8

We made it through Week 2, and we are half way through! Last week was actually pretty hard, but not because of cravings or because I was hungry on this crazy “diet” I’m on, but because of what was going on in life last week. If you read my previous recipe post, you know that two years ago last Friday, 9/12, my dad passed away. His birthday was 9/11. So, I had two back-to-back, very emotional days, and despite all my careful pre-planning, with good food and no junk in the house, if someone had shoved a bowl of ice cream in my hands, I just might have caved. So, although the Whole 30 Timeline says Days 10 and 11 are “The Hardest Days,” my hardest days have been Days 11 and 12.

Days 8 and 9 “For the Love of Gosling, My Pants are Tighter: It is possible that around day 8 or 9 your clothes may be tighter and you might actually feel like you have gained weight, but that is not actually what is going on. The body has to adjust to accessing meats and veggies for energy instead of easy access carbs, especially if you are starting a Whole 30 after eating the Standard American Diet (SAD). This can cause some, um….discomfort, BUT this feeling WILL go away!

Day 8: Breakfast-2 eggs scrambled in ghee, banana and bell peppers. Lunch-chicken, leftover cabbage and apples, salad with pecans and dried cherries. Dinner-zucchini noodles, meat sauce and roasted veggies. Day 9: Berry/banana/kale smoothie with coconut milk and 2 hard boiled eggs. Lunch-chicken, cabbage and apples and broccoli. Dinner-Cobb salad with avocado, egg, bacon, veggies and chicken.

Meals 9-8

Meals 9-9Days 10 and 11 “The Hardest Days”: The Whole 30 program states that you are most likely to quit on day 10 or 11. The newness has worn off, but you haven’t really had time to see the benefits of doing a Whole 30. I can say that the first time I did a Whole 30, I did kind of feel like “what’s the big deal?” BUT, I stuck with it, and was so glad that I did! This time, I KNOW it gets better!

Day 10: Breakfast-melon and 2 scrambled eggs. Lunch-Cobb salad. Dinner-Salmon, broccoli and asparagus, and pureed parsnips and turnips. Day 11: Breakfast-2 hard boiled eggs and berry/banana/kale smoothie. Lunch-Salmon, broccoli and mashed potatoes. Dinner-Salad with roast chicken.

Meals 9-10

Meals 9-11Days 12-15 “Boundless Energy! Now Give Me a Twinkie!”: You start feeling AMAZING….but want your favorite junk food. Resist!

Day 12: Breakfast-2 hard boiled eggs, banana, avocado. Lunch-Soup. I threw some leftover chicken and veggies into homemade chicken stock with some herbs.Being the anniversary of my dad passing, I actually didn’t want to eat anything, but I did. Dinner-Cookout (one of Dad’s favorite things to do) Applegate hot dogs with fermented sauerkraut, veggies and Flo’s Potato Salad. Day 13: I totally forgot to take photos with family in town! Day 14: Breakfast-pastured pork sausage, 2 scrambled eggs and berries. Lunch-hot dog and apple. Dinner-Chicken ‘parmesan’ (Craig and I did not have cheese, but the chicken is breaded in almond flour), zucchini noodles, sauce and salad.

Meals 9-12

Meals 9-14I managed to grab some photos of kids’ lunches (when I remembered!), too. Yes, there is a sandwich in one of them with bread. When we do have bread around, it is almost always Ezekiel Bread. Remember, the kids are not on a Whole 30.

Lunches 9-8to9-12


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