Strawberry Cream Chocolates

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Usually when holidays roll around, I am very relaxed about the treats that the kids get. I had actually already bought some chocolate for Valentine’s Day the weekend before I learned we needed to remove dairy from Natalie’s diet, and now she can’t have it. I keep dairy-free chocolate chips around the house, but I can hear it now “MOM, that’s NORMAL chocolate. What about cute chocolate?”  So, what to do for Valentine’s Day? Read More


“Traditional” Paleo Pancakes

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It has been our tradition for years that on the kids’ birthdays, the birthday kid wakes up to their room filled with balloons, they wear the birthday hat, eat off of the birthday plate, and we make pancakes for breakfast. The kids now literally refer to them as “birthday pancakes,” because they are special….they aren’t Paleo! They are flour and sugar and milk and yogurt and all kinds of things we don’t eat on a regular basis anymore, and as much as they love our tries at Paleo pancakes, they will be the first to admit, Paleo pancakes just aren’t exactly the same. Read More

You’ve Completed A Whole 30. Now What?

The Whole 30 is just one version of an elimination diet. The reason for doing any elimination diet is to figure out how food affects you, maybe in ways you hadn’t even thought of, and I think that is just really super cool! (Yes, I’m a nutrition geek!) You remove all possibly irritating foods (dairy, all grains, legumes, added sugar, alcohol, additives and processed oils) and eat only super nutrient dense and Read More