Strawberry Cream Chocolates

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Usually when holidays roll around, I am very relaxed about the treats that the kids get. I had actually already bought some chocolate for Valentine’s Day the weekend before I learned we needed to remove dairy from Natalie’s diet, and now she can’t have it. I keep dairy-free chocolate chips around the house, but I can hear it now “MOM, that’s NORMAL chocolate. What about cute chocolate?”  So, what to do for Valentine’s Day?

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We are not huge Valentine’s Day celebrators at our house. We give each other cards, eat a little chocolate, and give a couple tiny gifts. This year we got the girls bracelets made of recycled magazine beads by women who live in Kenya that are sold in our church’s bookstore. They have these cute little silver heart clasps. They were inexpensive, used recycled materials and help women in Kenya support their families. That all seemed very loving to me!

But what about the chocolate?

None of the chocolate I bought before I took Natalie to the doctor was going to work. I still wanted her to be able to have something cute and special, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, and I wanted it to be simple. Then this recipe popped up on Pinterest. It was perfect-easy, pretty, and I only had to buy the freeze dried strawberries and the heart molds to make it happen. And they are yummy.

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Strawberry Cream Chocolates

Adapted from The Healthy GF Life

1 (1.2 oz) package freeze dried strawberries

3 Tablespoons organic palm shortening (Spectrum brand)

3 Tablespoons softened coconut butter

2 Tablespoons raw honey

pinch of sea salt

1 (10 oz) package of Enjoy Life chocolate chips


1. Process the strawberries in the food processor into a fine powder.

2. Add the shortening, coconut butter, honey and sea salt to the food processor and pulse until it forms a ball. Refrigerate this ball until ready to use.

3. If you have a double boiler, use that, or, fill a sauce pot with a few inches of water and sit a glass bowl on the pot. Heat the water to a gentle simmer and melt the chocolate in the glass bowl. Do not heat the chocolate at too high of a temperature.

4. Using heart shaped candy molds (I bought Wilton molds at Michael’s for just a couple of dollars each), press 1/4 teaspoon of the strawberry filling into each heart shape. Spoon the melted chocolate over the strawberry filling and tap the mold on the counter to release air bubbles and evenly distribute the chocolate.

5. Freeze until firm. Pop the chocolates out of the molds and store in the freezer or refrigerator so that the strawberry cream stays firm.

6. Repeat with any leftover filling and chocolate.


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