How We Green Clean Pretty Much Everything

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I just got my newest shipment in the mail today of one of my favorite things in the world, so, I thought I’d tell you how I landed on this little miracle in a bottle 🙂

After we started learning about all the chemicals and additives that can be in the food we eat, and we cleaned them all out, began eating mostly Paleo, and started feeling so much better, it was natural that I started paying attention to and learning about all the chemicals in the cleaners and personal care products in our home…even the ones I thought were “natural.”

From Branch Basics…did you know:

  1. Over 17,000 chemicals are legal to use in cleaning products.
  2. Less than 1/3 of these chemicals are tested for safety, and NONE are tested for interactions with other cleaners.
  3. 3,163 chemicals are legally called “fragrance.”

Your skin is the largest organ, and I didn’t want my family absorbing or inhaling all those chemicals. I started experimenting with homemade cleaners, laundry detergents and personal care products. But I have a secret….I’m lazy….or busy….but I just couldn’t keep up with it. I already make so many things from scratch in the kitchen, that adding more homemade things to my ever-growing list just got tiresome. I never felt like our clothes were clean enough. No matter what the natural cleaning websites say, vinegar always smelled too strongly to me, and come to find out, it can be a powerful eye and lung irritant. Borax is also a questionable ingredient to use for cleaning, and it is really hard to find a DIY green cleaner recipe that doesn’t contain vinegar, borax, or both. I have Norwex cloths, and I love them, but they don’t work for everything.

I wanted a cleaner that wouldn’t harm my children if they helped me clean, or worse, accidentally ingested it. I wanted simple. And cheap. And effective. About three years ago I bought one small starter pack of a cleaner called Branch Basics after a favorite blog had a sale. I bought it, but it took me a while to get around to using it. Once I did, though, I was HOOKED. I LOVE this stuff!

Yes, a bottle of Branch Basics is much more expensive than a bottle of cleaner you pick up at Target, but it is a concentrate and can be used for practically everything in different concentrations-just a few are listed on the bottle below. At its current price, mixed up, each bottle makes:

  1. 16 all purpose cleaning bottles at $3.06 a bottle
  2. 10 bathroom bottles at $4.90 a bottle
  3. 240 streak-free bottles (granite, windows, stainless) at $0.20 a bottle
  4. 32 foaming hand soap bottles at $1.53 a bottle
  5. 192 loads of laundry (using a teaspoon a load) at $0.25 a load

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So, why use Branch Basics?

Branch Basics ingredients are “Purified water, coconut oil, fatty acids, minerals and enzymes from edible and seed bearing plants, and sodium bicarbonate.” That’s it! Because of this, it is:

  1. Human (and pet) safe: There are no warnings on the label, only lots of good for you info! It is made from completely safe, environmentally friendly ingredients. There are no GMO’s, parabens, preservatives, VOC’s, SLS, sulfates or harmful chemicals. It is hypoallergenic and gluten free. It is also fragrance free, so people sensitive to artificial fragrances like Craig are free to use it without irritation. I simply add essential oils when I want a bit of fragrance.
  2. It is easy on your budget: As I listed above, Branch Basics can replace all your cleaners for a very affordable price.
  3. It is effective: “Powerful, food-grade ingredients, including coconut oil and plant enzymes, penetrate and break up oil, grease and stains into soluble, biodegradable components” It naturally attacks viruses, bacteria and even parasites. It really works!
  4. You can use it for everything: I have replaced nearly every cleaner in our home with Branch Basics. I love having only one go-to product that I can use for everything. I have cleared up so much room in our cabinets!

What do we use it for?

  1. As a top to bottom bathroom cleaner.
  2. As a glass/window cleaner.
  3. As a streak-free granite cleaner.
  4. As a stainless steel cleaner.
  5. As a hard surface cleaner for every surface in our home (trim, cabinet fronts, etc).
  6. As a totally safe produce wash.
  7. As a foaming hand soap at every sink in our house.
  8. As a shampoo….I have just started using it for this and I LOVE it so far.
  9. As a head to toe wash for the whole family in the bath/shower. It is tear free!
  10. As a stain pre-treater. Our son gets nose bleeds often right now, and I can literally spray Branch Basics on his pillowcase and watch the stain disappear.
  11. As laundry detergent 1 teaspoon or a bit more (depending on size/dirtiness) per load.
  12. As a carpet cleaner. We just adopted a 4 month old puppy and she is still learning to potty outside. Every accident on carpet she has had has completely disappeared with Branch Basics.
  13. Speaking of the puppy…..we adopted her, so she came from a shelter and ended up having an intestinal parasite called Giardia, which is common for rescue dogs. But because of this, I have to be very careful cleaning up after her. The CDC recommends quaternary ammonia or bleach to clean up after this parasite. I hopped onto the live chat on the Branch Basics website and they assured me that letting the 1:5 dilution (bathroom concentration) sit on the area for 10 minutes would be more than adequate to clean up after her.
  14. As a pet wash.
  15. I keep the small spray bottle pictured at the top of this post in my purse as an antibacterial cleaning spray for our hands and as a stain spot treater.
  16. As a floor cleaner by adding 2 tablespoons to a gallon of water.
  17. As a chewing gum and adhesive remover.
  18. As a dish washing liquid.
  19. In the dishwasher.
  20. As a wart remover…use a tiny dab of full strength concentrate.
  21. We used it, along with very observant combing, on a case of head lice last school year.
  22. As a jewelry cleaner. I regularly clean my wedding rings and anniversary band as well as my other gold jewelry.
  23. Anything else that comes our way!

I am not sponsored by Branch Basics, and they are in no way compensating me for this post. But I know I have friends who are seeking more safe, natural alternatives for their families, and this one is also affordable and it WORKS. So, how can I not share the love?


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