Natalie’s Story Part 4: “Rescue the Child, Save the Adult”-What is Neurofeedback?


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In the fall of 2013, when Natalie was having so much trouble sleeping, I confided in a few friends about the problem, and fortunately one of them had a wonderful suggestion. A local therapist had spoken at her moms’ group about brain development in childhood. One of the topics she touched on was neurofeedback as a therapy for ADHD and sleep issues, among other conditions. My bachelor’s degree is in psychology, so I was familiar with biofeedback, but not EEG biofeedback (aka neurofeedback), and I wasn’t aware that the technology had advanced enough to be used the way this therapist described.

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Natalie’s Story Part 3: What is Leaky Gut?


Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut.”

When we started eating Paleo in August of 2013, it was to help Craig lose weight. A quick skim of the Internet, and it was easy to see the Crossfit and Paleo eating often go hand-in-hand. But I’m not really a “dogma” kind of person, and I really wanted to know the reasons for excluding some of the foods that I had thought were good for us up to that point, especially legumes. As I started digging, I came across other reasons one might decide to go Paleo. Read More

Natalie’s Story Part 2: MRSA and the NICU

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See that beautiful bundle sweetly sleeping? That’s our Natalie at 6 days old. At first glance, she looks like any other newborn, but if you look a little closer, you can see the hospital bracelet on her jaundiced little wrist, the tag of her PICC line on her other arm, and the wire to her heart monitor running under her blanket. You see, in this photo, she is laying in her bed in the NICU of Children’s Mercy Hospital in downtown Kansas City fighting for her life.

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Natalie’s Story Part 1: How We Knew Something Was Wrong

The days and weeks after my dad’s death were all a big blur. I walked around in a fog. We all did. There were extenuating circumstances in my family that made grieving for my dad all the more difficult, and those circumstances caused all of us, but especially the kids, even more stress, pain and heartache.

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How We Got Here…AKA Ready to Tell the Whole Story


This photo is of my girls (then, ages 8 and 5) staring at my Dad’s burial site. It represents to me everything we were feeling in that moment….shock, stillness, the inability to move. It was September, 2012, and my seemingly invincible dad had passed away 24 days after his lung cancer diagnosis and only one day after his 58th birthday. Twenty. Four. Days. 58. Years. Our world was rocked.

I think maybe the only thing worse than losing someone you love is watching the little people you love more than anything lose someone they love and adore.  Read More