Photo courtesy of  Acres of Hope Photography

Welcome to A Life, Nourished! I’m Erin-mother, wife, former teacher, stay-at-home mom, turned health detective.

I have always loved to cook and bake, but in August of 2013, my husband started Crossfit and we started eating a Paleo diet. I jumped right in, learning as much as I could about the Paleo diet and experimenting in the kitchen. Craig lost 50 pounds, but researching the Paleo diet and holistic nutrition also gave me the tools to figure out how to heal our little girl. Natalie, our middle child, was having a lot of health issues, and traditional medicine wasn’t helping me help her at all.

Please read her story here:

How We Got Here

Natalie’s Story Part 1: How We Knew Something Was Wrong

Natalie’s Story Part 2: MRSA and the NICU

Natalie’s Story Part 3: What is Leaky Gut?

Natalie’s Story Part 4: “Save the Child, Rescue the Adult”-What is Neurofeedback?

I’ve learned how to nourish our daughter so she can thrive. I’d love for you to follow along on our journey as I share our story, recipes, and healthy living tips that work for a busy family of 5. Hopefully you can find a new recipe, a new way of thinking, a new tip to try that will also help you live a life, nourished.





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