Reducing Waste in the Kitchen by Using Cloth


Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is a day I didn’t really used to think about much. I was an elementary school teacher for a decade, and I talked about ways to be Earth friendly with my students-reduce, reuse, recycle-but, I never really took it to heart. Oh sure, we recycled, but not as much as we could have. Read More


All Natural Parasite Control For Your Dog


Meet Faith, our newest family member! We brought this little 4 month-old Beagle/Hound mix home with us about a month ago after rescuing her from a local animal rescue. We went to meet her on a Friday evening and ended up bringing her home with us that night. She was born in the shelter, so we had all her records and knew her immunizations were up-to-date, her fecal tests were negative and she had been spayed.  But right off the bat, we realized something wasn’t quite right. Read More

How We Green Clean Pretty Much Everything

DSC_0010 (2)

I just got my newest shipment in the mail today of one of my favorite things in the world, so, I thought I’d tell you how I landed on this little miracle in a bottle 🙂

After we started learning about all the chemicals and additives that can be in the food we eat, and we cleaned them all out, began eating mostly Paleo, and started feeling so much better, it was natural that I started paying attention to and learning about all the chemicals in the cleaners and personal care products in our home…even the ones I thought were “natural.” Read More